Quant Trading 101 is designed to teach people how to do quantitative analysis to form some qualitative opinions. It shares insights into how to normalize data, how to test if you actually have an edge in a system or methodology, how to import and export data and how to analyze data. You will find lots of examples, a trader toolbox to test your system using Monte Carlo and a form of E-ratio included in case your platform does not offer these tools.

Quick Breakdown

  • A 7 Hour Course That Goes Over The Basics Of Quantitive Analysis In The Stock Market

  • Teaches Students About Normalization

  • Teaches Students About Edge Ratio

  • Comes with a piece of software that allows students to test e-ratio and monte Carol ratio

  • Goes over how to build an edge in excel

  • Goes over how to code an idea into tradestation, test it, validate it, and what to look for from the results and so much more. There has never been a guide so beloved with so much information


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