I’m Matthew Owens [Matti or Tri.]

I’m a full-time Algorithmic Trader and teacher. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a double bachelor in Psychology and German. I also have a Masters in Financial Engineering. I have taught hundreds of traders to do what I do.

In my opinion, Algorithmic Trading is an unstoppable revolution and not many retail traders have caught on to it.

What is financial engineering you ask?

Financial engineering is the process of applying mathematical formulae and statistical methods to solve the problems arising in the financial Market. It is broadly referred to as Quantitative finance, financial mathematics, mathematical finance, and computational finance. Financial engineering is formulated and framed with the concepts from, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science Engineering, Statistics, Probability principles and Economic theory.

***Please understand that my Youtube Channel and website are under construction, as I move to a more community driven model of education. Thus a lot of content was taken down to be revamped. If you have questions, please email.

Needed For Building Trading Systems


  • Coding

    Computers have their own language called Machine Code(binary) which tells them what to do. To interface with this machine code programming languages were developed to make it easier for humans to get a computer to do what they want, without having to memorize binary code.

  • Testing

    Once you are able to code your idea about the market you can now backtest that idea on any data set.

  • Validation

    However even though you can now backtest your ideas via coding, you must learn to stress test those backtested results. Remember any backtest you see are the winning or losing lottery tickets from the past and thus using validation techniques we try to ensure that whatever we find has a good chance of holding up in the future.

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