I graduated with a bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Financial Engineering. I have taught hundreds of people to build, test, and automate their own trading strategies. To see some of my students trading track records, join our free discord, and go to #student-trades.

In my opinion, Algorithmic Trading is an unstoppable revolution and many retail traders refuse to adapt or implement any form of systemization into their trading process.

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Winds Of Change

Since June of 2021, I have been slowly winding down my paid-for content as I wanted to move my business model to a no-cost community-driven model. However, as I started revamping my site and my youtube content to fit this new paradigm, I found myself feeling burned out on  making new  trading content. After all, I have been making and revamping trading content for many years.

Thus, I am unsure when I will get back to making new content for my youtube trading channel and building out revamped free courses. 

However, if you are seeking trading education understand that most trading education can be found online for free. Given the tsunami of free content about trading on the internet,  I think one should focus more on paying for software that helps them make trading decisions verses paying for trading  education. 

In the mean time, enjoy my current free content or come hang out with me on Twitch to either watch me play video games or talk about markets. My stream schedule can be found here. Also, check out my new podcast Traders Nook. 

Hopefully I will get out of my sophomore slump but until then, I wish you all success in your endeavors in trading and I hope that the odds will be forever in your favor. 

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