Here you will find all the material from the 2019 “The Art And Science Of Trading” conference. This includes all the code and videos of the conference. Plus, some interviews of what others thought of the conference. 

This conference was the first conference I ever did! It was a great way for me to meet my students, as well as, new students. It also has Special Guest Speakers like Steven Dux and Dave Bergstrom. This content is meant for new traders in the market.

Quick Breakdown

  • A 10 Hour Course

  • Get to watch every speaker event

  • Live examples and coded example available for download

  • Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, And Some Quant Analysis

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    The Legal Stuff

    • Disclaimer

    • Privacy Statement

    • Terms And Services

    • Other Rights And Limitations

  • 02

    Files You Will Need

    • Downloads

  • 03

    Tri Talks

    • Day 1 Morning

    • Day 1 Afternoon:

    • Day 2 Morning

  • 04

    Dave From Build Alpha

    • His Speech

  • 05

    Steven Dux

    • His Speech

  • 06

    Conference 2019: Survey

    • Survey