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New Products And Services For 2017

Triforce Training Remix: 

This is a two part class that I intend to be for an entire year if not more. It is intended to take someone from absolutely knowing nothing in the market to turning them into a Quantitive researcher and trader. No other person does Quantitive analysis in the small micro cosmos of the retail trader space and thus gives people a unique approach and understanding of markets. My hope of this course is to teach you how to trade effectively with proper procedure and thought. Everything towards the end of the class will based on probabilities and I want you to fish for yourself. One day I hope you will come back to me and teach me something. =) There is a lot of bullshit in the market and a lot of people who teach others to trade, with really no edge. Let me open your mind to what is possible and hopefully one day you return the favor. See you in class!!! Click the link button below to see the structure of the class.