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Part 1 is meant for people who are just starting out as traders. This comprehensive course is 30 HOURS LONG!  I will take you from not knowing a lick about what the stock market is, all the way to knowing about market history, technical analysis and fundemental analysis. The idea is to lay the ground work so that you may move on to Part 2 of the class. This class was taught with me teaching the material live via webinar, where anyone could ask questions or comment during the presentation. This also come with my “Trading Around Equilibrium” DVD a 20 hour/ $300.00 value for free. 

PRICE: $2500

****There are coupon codes available if you email Tri.

About The Class And What You Will Learn

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Triforce Training Part 1
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 5 reviews
by Luis Minvielle on Triforce Training Part 1
Excellent information and with a differen paradigm

I am quite new to the world of trading, about 9 month ago I decided I wanted to learn all about it. For a few years I have been following a few gurus, and there was one who captured my attention with his videos on how to trade penny stocks. So I decide to give it a try. I spent many month watching his videos, before trading, and when I felt I was ready I started. I could understand the theory but found it very difficult to apply it. After a few months of trading with no visible results I had the chance to find out about triforcetrader. After my first bad experience I was a little bit skeptical on what he said, I attended a few of his Friday night open sessions and decided that spending a few thousands bucks, after all my invested time in learning was worth a try. To my surprise I found out that I could repeat what triforcetrader was teaching, besides his lessons he provide us with homework to see if I had really understood the class, and what is even more fantastic, I could reach the guy, ask questions and be answered. The training is very personal, and what you learn is proportional to how much time you decide to invest. Today I dare to say that I have a better macro view, of course, I realize still have a long way to go, but at least now, I know that each day is another step. I highly recommend this training to anybody who wants to learn a new paradigm, it really makes you think, it is very challenging and from my experience, you really get the tools to learn to fish.

by Caitlin on Triforce Training Part 1
Great Foundation

When I first started my trading journey it was so overwhelming to find a teacher that was not just in it for themselves, until I found Triforce Trader. I found it refreshing that he had this no-nonsense approach and just told it how it was. Actually, matched my personality pretty well, so I signed up for the course. From the beginning, he went over concepts that I thought I already had a grasp on, that he expanded further. Not only does he cover futures, but he gives you a solid foundation in all aspects of the market. There is so much knowledge in this course that I will definitely have to watch everything at least twice, but that definitely shows you the value in his content. I haven't started Part 2 yet, but given what we started with for Part 1 it is only a matter of time.

by Thomas Elson on Triforce Training Part 1
Wealth of knowledge

Like many others I too was heading towards the Tim Sykes Challenge having mediocre success but not actually enjoying the overall process of "Day Trading". ie. Staring at the computer for hours and watching the ticks. I heard about Matt's method in a podcast and the way he explained his quantitative approach just made sense to me. Why would you even think about taking a trade if the overall odds/ edge isn't stacked in your favor? His approach got me interested as it was completely different from Sykes and was more based on quantitative analysis as opposed to discretionary trading. Matt's approach takes almost all of the emotion out of trading as he solely relies on what the data is telling him. This is a very different approach to trading as grappling with emotions whilst in a trade is what many day traders struggle with and can often be your greatest enemy. This instantly hooked in and I'm now going through his material for Triforce Training Part 1. I've yet to finish it entirely but what I'm learning so far has been incredibly eye opening. Ontop of that, Matt is super supportive and always happy to answer emails and help out personally, Legend! I'll definitely be going onto Pt 2 after this.

by Nick Gathman on Triforce Training Part 1
The sound of inevitability

I've basically already reviewed Remix. Pt 1 in my testimonial. So I don't see any reason to do it again. If you'd like a review just go ahead and read Tri's testimonials or look below. Also, sign up for the class...... Cheers!

I signed up for Tri's Remix Part: 1 after finding him on profitly, about 3 weeks prior to this review and about 15 weeks late for the class....I was actually just about to sign up for Tim Syke's Challenge, until I found Tri (Matti O). After listening to his profitly video, I went ahead and tried to find out as much as I could about his trading method. After a day of research I emailed him to 1. see if he would even respond and 2. to see how he interacted personally with people. He responded almost immediately with a very good indication of how he would be as a teacher. As we emailed it became apparent that Matti is a very frank individual who is quite the opposite of almost any other trader who offers lessons on trading. Unlike what you may expect from people advertising their services, Matti seemed almost indifferent to having someone else as a student. Which may seem like a bad thing to some, but to me it showed that he didn't care about the money he could potentially gain from having me as a student. There were no bold statements of making huge sums of money in the next week, or any kind of "advertising" at all. It was simply a conversation between someone willing to learn and someone who was looking to teach a curious mind. And although it's only been 3 weeks, that is exactly what you can expect from Remix Part: 1. Tri is straightforward in the way that he approaches teaching. There are no gimicks, he simply does his best to impart on his students exactly how he became the trader he is today. Now don't misconstrue that previous sentence, because at no point does Tri explicitly tell you how you should be trading as a whole, nor does he show you exactly how he trades today. His class isn't meant for you to ride his coat tails in trading. If you are interested in that service, he offers it through his algorithm's on Tradestation and through his watch list on profitly. Tri is not looking to make more traders that trade like him. He is simply trying to give you all the tools you need in order to have the ability to make money in the stock market. In saying that, he does have lessons that show ways he has used all of his knowledge to trade in the stock market, but it would be unwise for you to pay for his services with the preconception that he is either responsible for your success or failure in the market or that he will give you a 100% guaranteed way of making money in the market. There is no such method in existence. For me, Matt has delivered above and beyond what I actually thought I was signing up for. He goes through so many different aspects of trading that I couldn't imagine anyone having a negative review of his teaching. I write this without having made a single dollar (yet) off of what I have learned in his class. Nor have I even finished all of the video lessons. When I was initially emailing Tri, I originally told him I should be caught up within 7 days.... I guess you could say I was a bit overconfident, but I think it has more to due with the fact I really had no clue what he was going to be teaching. Matt goes through everything from a quick overview of Stocks, Options, and Futures, to basic terminology, to Brokers and Platforms (he literally gives a tutorial of using tradestation and trade nav), to very in depth Technical Anlysis, to Fundamental Analysis (this topic sucks), to Financial terms and SEC Filings. There's more, but I think you get the picture. There's so much I'd like to touch on, but I don't want to write a 5 page review... I think the most important things you should take from this review are

1. Matt provides you with everything you will need to grow as a trader. I feel the need to reiterate, though, he is not here to make you a profitable trader. That is up to you. He provides you with everything you will need to be successful, but it is up to you to take that knowledge and create success for yourself.

2. Don't give up when things get hard. If you truly want to be a trader you will have to accept the fact that you won't learn everything in one day. I myself am currently struggling with fundamental analysis. I've heard Tri say several times how many people give up on the fundamental analysis part of trading. I will be the first to admit the shit sucks, and you may find a different aspect of his teachings to be difficult, however remember that if you want to understand the market, you really need to understand everything about how it works. Don't quit on a topic because you are struggling with it, take some time off or move on to another topic until you feel you're ready to re-evaluate the troubling subject.

3. Be fluid. One of the main things Tri teaches is to allow yourself to be fluid in the market. Don't try and impose your will onto the market as it will eventually backfire. The market will flow on it's own and a big key is to learn how to ride the wave to profitability. This idea made me think of one of Bruce Lee's well known saying “Be water, my friend”. You need to be adaptable in the market, what works today may not work tomorrow. You will create many different strategies for making money in the market, but it's important to remember nothing is guaranteed. Adaptability is survival.

I hope this review isn't too long, haha. But also helps people get a good idea of what you can expect from choosing Matt to help guide you through the market. I plan on signing up for his Remix Part: 2, where he will help teach how to code strategies. I don't think you will find a more honest or knowledgable teacher, especially for the price he charges. I don't mean to critcize others who truly look to help others learn, but I believe the totality of what Triforce Trader offers goes above and beyond what anyone else is offering, regardless of price.

Wish you all the best of luck.


by Lexington Blood on Triforce Training Part 1
Tremendous Value

I am a critic who is highly skeptical of most online courses and trading educators. For good reason, the majority of what you will find in this market is just 'noise.' You will find that 99% are mostly just marketers who masquerade as traders which is why they provide very little value in return. Dig a little deeper before you leap and you will see what I mean.

Matthew simply knows the market in the way that matters for successful independent trading. He takes a no nonsense approach to teaching and leads through his actions as a millionaire trader who has 15 years of experience under his belt. Matthew deftly slices through the noise and teaches you only what matters. It is very easy to get lost in the study of markets and the resulting confusion leads to profit loss and only benefits the market sharks which swim in every pool! You can not and will not go wrong in investing the small price for the vast knowledge Matt offers. The noise that you should avoid in your trading but be aware of is critical to consistent returns and Matt teaches you that also. Do yourself a favor and sign up or contact Matt to judge his abilities for yourself. You cannot go wrong here.

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