Trading Around Equilibrium

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A 20-hour guide that takes the end user from not knowing a thing about the Stock Market, all the way to having a solid foundation. This course goes from A-Z and comes with many helpful guides, including a self-paced homework guide.

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Trading Around Equilibrium
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by Alex on Trading Around Equilibrium

Matt really lays out alot of information in these video series in a way that is great to pause, take notes, bookmark websites, do research on etc. He goes over information about the markets and brings to light a series of different topics to be familiar with and dive into.

Honestly I'm pretty skeptical and risk adverse in the space of trading mentors but doing my own research on the factors, conditions and people he's mentioned brought together and solidified my understanding and confidence of the playing field, thank you for that Matt.

Also there are some really valuable tools he provides that would take alot of time to put together and he walks through the underpinnings of these tools. The more you understand the better. I've watched the series maybe 4-5 times now. Going through this course and understanding what he's teaching takes time and work. Well worth it, good work.

by Caitlin on Trading Around Equilibrium

There is so much content in this DVD that it leads you to wonder why more people have not signed up. From the beginning, Triforce Trader gets straight to the point and lays out what you need to know. I have only watched this DVD once (so far) and I also signed up for part 1 of class, but I am excited for the journey given all of the content and examples that are provided

by David on Trading Around Equilibrium
Incredible Resource

Unfortunately, the truth can hurt sometimes and the truth is there is no quick and easy magic formulas to making money in the stock market. This is something I learned quickly from this DVD and Matti's training. There are, however, resources that can guide and educate you toward becoming a profitable trader in a fraction of the time you'd spend trying to acquire this information on your own time. All throughout this DVD, I continually thought to myself just much this information reduced my learning curve. I can't imagine how many hours Matti spent in his own learning to develop this understanding for himself before he could put this DVD together. In my mind, the price of this DVD was quite insignificant compared to value provided. Thanks again Matti!

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