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Testimonies are often misleading as most people fake their testimonials or pay for them. Because of this I created a testimonial page for my users in which once they write something it gets updated in real time. Fake testimonials are deleted because the Algo checks to see if a user has ever had my products. Thus insuring accuracy, as well as, legitimacy. =) All testimonies are welcome and locked, even if its a bad review. Transparency is important to me.”

Testimonials Written By People

Green(Z) says

His watch list is hands down the best value watch list in the market. Tri trades Macro market, which makes it kind of weird in profitly, where most people focus on penny stocks. Tri is a quant, but his watch list contains not only quantitative information, but also fundamental information and technical analysis. Most distinguish thing of the watch list is the seasonal trades, in my opinion. I signed up last month. All his seasonal trades in June ends up in profit. Some are big winners, like coffee, oil and gold trade, each ends up around 1000 per contract. His technical analysis focus more on daily and weekly chart, which produces much more reliable signals than intro day in my opinion. So far, his technical analysis has been pretty precise, around 80 percent correct, which is pretty impressive in my opinion. And just as he said, technical analysis is not a exact thing.
I have never seen those quantitative information before I signed up his service. And I believe only pro traders like hedge funds have those kind of information, which give his subscribers a real edge. It is also very inspiring for me. I think I will delve into research and programming in the near future. He also has some Algos, which will inform you of signals through text or email in profitly. I really regretted that I did not sign up that plan, but if I upgrade, I have to pay the full price instead of the difference(Profitly, can you change that). But it is still provide more value than the price. He provide these algos through tradestation, also. It is 300 per month, but you can auto run them.
Tri doesn’t call out the trade at real time because he gives you trades days and or weeks before it happens.. And his chat room is really really quiet lol. Usually you can only see people talking about some trade in the morning. It has both advantages and disadvantages. If you want someone call out a trade in real time for you to follow, this chat room is not for you.(those seasonal trade is real time, actually days before,but you don’t have those everyday) But it pushes you to do your own thinking and become self efficient.
I encourage everyone at least sign up one month to see what he provides. Try it, so you can see it’s value, and decide whether it is good for you. Trust me, It will open your eyes and help your trade.


Pie Writes

I would recommend his service to anyone because in my opinion there is no way that you don’t recover your money in the short term. If you pay attention of course, and if you use a proper risk management.

On his watchlist you get an holistic view of the market, but everything based on solid information and not just simple trend lines or support and resistance with very well known (but non backtested) chart patterns, which is what most services offer. You will get from daily statistics to technicals and fundamental overview. Also some trades with specific entries and exits as ideas that have done very well. But if you want specific entry alerts, then I would recommend his algos… They are very robust, check his algo trades on profitly.

I subscriber a year ago and my account was down 3k, then I was able to fight back to the zero line and now I’m up 14k. That even though I’m not subscribed to his algos, if I did I would be up like 30k lol.


As a new trader in

My beginnings were not with Matt, I began in Penny Stocks with a dream of making millions of dollars, as we all see in social media. As every beginner, I started to lose money and the more I studied, the more complicated everything became. There seem to be so much information and so little knowledge; Until last year at the “Trading And Investor” conference I met Matthew Owens and was fascinated with his way of seeing the market. It was from that moment that my career as a trader began.

Matt’s knowledge and insight in the world of trading and market truly made a positive difference in my trading skills and abilities. Not only did he provide detailed explanations in the watch list every day but also provided enough trading probabilities and ideas that would be almost impossible for you not to make money.

Now let me be clear, you will not see, BUY THE BREAKOUT or BUY THE DIP or RED TO GREEN MOVE, you will see real probabilities with statistics behind them. Matt also simplifies all his lessons enough to be clearly understood which enables me to be successful. I am thankful to have him as a TEACHER and look forward to continue to gain experience and have him lead me to the path of success.

Jose Garcia

Serious only need apply

Matt is an exceptional teacher with an edge. You better knock on the door with passion and a thick skin. Matt is not here make you feel good about every win and pat you on the back for every loss. These are emotional states that have no place here. His objective is to eventually grow you into a knowledgeable quantitative trader, if you so desire. He is focused on creating within you an objective approach that is repeatable because he knows that is the only way you will succeed. He will teach you many aspects of the market and impresses upon you the importance of understanding the basics to excel at the advanced. This is about immersing yourself in the processes of the market to succeed and not a get rich quick scheme. I am excited because I have learned so much from him and know I have less than 10% of what he still has to teach me. There are so many options available to you as a new trader: 1. you can just sign up and let his algo’s trade for you 2. you can get taught weekly by him personally 3. you can become a monthly member and learn something new every night. Nothing lasts forever and I am intent on absorbing every bit of knowledge I can from Matt. If you are dedicated to becoming a great trader and willing to put in the time and energy required, you will not find a more complete and enthusiastic teacher.


WHAT YOU GET Daily and Weekly


Daily and Weekly Watchlist

The weekly video watch list is normally issued on Sundays and provides Tri’s longer term views on the key futures markets followed throughout the watch lists (S&P, Gold, Oil, Soybeans, Natural Gas, Euro) as well as some stocks and other markets he considers are interesting at the time. The daily video watch list is issued on weekdays prior to trading and concentrates on shorter time frames summarising the previously days actions along with his anticipations/hypothesis for the next days trading. (these have become one of the favourite parts of my daily routine – they are both insightful and very often funny)
You receive possible seasonal trades on the daily watch list at the beginning of the month – (given with statistics of their historical performance) with which you can either take or utilise within your own trading strategies. Or simply watch in a amazement (for a while a while at least) at their seemingly unerring strike rate/accuracy. You can review the track record of these trades on Profitly. It’s impressive. If you were to have taken every one of these trades (given days ahead of time) this year you will have paid for your subscription many times over.
You can also subscribe to his algo services, which provides a further watch list (not video) which is essentially a list of statistics which you may choose to incorporate into your trading along with alerts of when the algorithms are taking trades (these concentrate on S&P, T-notes and oil)
I have purchased his Quant 101 DVD which I also cannot recommend highly enough for those wanting to dip their toe into the world of quant and automated trading. It is excellent and steps you through the basics in a manner that convinced even me a complete novice that I could find edges too.


Intrinsic Value/Added Value
It might sound crazy (given the services pay for themselves) but to me as a new trader the real intrinsic value of is not found in the actual trade ideas you are given but what you can learn from Tri. He clearly has a passion and enthusiasm for the markets which means that he has attacked his market endeavours with such vivacity he has amassed knowledge and experience far beyond his years. For me he is like a googlemaps/satnav… I might think I know a way to get to where I need to go, but one thing is for sure the satnav knows a damn sight more so its probably best to stick with that. Not saying that he tells you exactly where to go (he will provide you with a lot of information for you to interpret yourself (which is valuable in itself) but he will help you avoid some of the dead ends.

You get the impression that Tri genuinely wants you to research and develop your own processes and edges (and to automate them!!) and that he is happy to help you along the way. I find it amazing how he finds the time to provide you so much information while continuing to do what he does (he will probably say automation/algos!) and yet still finds time to respond to queries within hours if not minutes. But don’t expect to be “mollycoddled” he doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is happy to slay your misconceptions. Its not personal it’s just quicker for all concerned to deal with things this way.



So whether you are a new or experienced trader I cannot recommend Tri and his services highly enough and cannot express how pleased I am to have found someone willing to provide all that he does. The services he provides won’t be around forever (he doesn’t need to provide them even now as this is not his core business) so will I continue to try and learn as much as I can from him when and while I can as to me it seems opportunities like this don’t come round too often. To me he is a great trader, a brilliant teacher and most of all a remarkable human being.


Confidence in Randomness

In the crazy world of volatility and randomness, Triforce’s watchlist offers a lot of structure and I think whether you are a mechanical trader or a discretionary trader, there is huge value that is provided with both his weekly and daily watchlists.

He preaches that there are weaknesses to technical analysis and that trend is a function of time. His seasonal trades have simple rules and while I do trade them at my own discretion, they have given me confidence that I am not trading just random noise and throwing darts at the board. He challenges you to prove him wrong about his technical analysis view and I have yet to be able to do that from my short-term day trading strategy. Since I’ve yet to prove him wrong, I’d have to admit that he’s right.

His watchlist is a little hard to digest at first, but after watching the intro videos numerous times and a few months being on the watchlist, I think I’m slowly learning how to use it effectively. If you are subscribed to his Platinum newsletter, you get a daily Algo report which gives useful statistics and helps you to formulate an idea as to what might happen in the S&P tomorrow using the statistics and if you might have an edge trading it.

I do hope that I will be able to use the value that his watchlist has created to build my account and purchase his Remix part 2 to really learn more about building algo systems. I do find that there is extreme value in you not having to be in front of the screen watching every tick. I look forward to keep learning from you.

Tony Cai (AcaiTrader)

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