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Mini Courses

Throughout the year I will be offering mini course on a variety of topics. I understand that not everyone has enough money to take my Remix Courses so these will be just mini series of classes on varies topics that may suite your interest.


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What is Quantitative Trading

In this mini course we will go over why Quantitative analysis is important, who were the big wigs that came before us in the quantitative realm, why Quantitative trading is the future of trading, the best platforms for Quantitative trading and much much more. This mini course is designed to get your feet wet in the subject of Quantitative analysis and the basics of it. I have used Quantitative analysis to turn 100K into over 1 million in three years and for most of you this will open your eyes to what trading is really about. So sign up using the link below.

When: October 21st, 2017 @ 2:00 P.M EST




Cost Of Course: $50