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Algos are deployed and indentify profitable trades in the Futures market.
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tony cai. SAYS:
Triforce’s watchlist offers a lot of structure and I think whether you are a mechanical trader or a discretionary trader, there is huge value that is provided with both his weekly and daily watchlists.
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Thanks for checking out this July 4th Sale. If you have any questions comments or concerns you can always reach out to me via email @ triforcetrader@gmail.com. Keep in mind that I only offer discounts on my products about 4 times a year and unlike most I mean it. No extensions. These offer will last until the 18th. So if you are interested in taking your trading to the next level and save some money click the items below. Discounts will be automatically applied once you put them in the cart.
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As you all know the market IE, the S&P 500 has rallied about 27% since the December bottom. However, most investors and traders have not been a part of that rally and have missed the entire move. Unlike them, it does not matter for me what the overall market is doing because my niche “Penny Stocks” has almost no correlation to the overall stock market. Between January 1st to May 1st, I have returned $795,586.45 on my account. If you do not believe me, here are my verified trades from Profit.ly.
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