About Me And The Course

My name is Matthew Owens but I go by TriforceTrader on the internet. I have a masters in Financial Engineering  and I have been building, testing, validating, and automating trading strategies in the market since 2015. 

I first got interested in the market in 2003 due to a stock market competition that was held at my school. Since then I have been addicted to studying/building trading strategies in the market. 

This course is designed to take you through my process of how to build, test, validate and automate strategies. You can check out the course curriculum below to see what is in the course. 

This course comes with no guarantees or promises that you will be a success in trading. 

However, what it will provide is ...........................

What is included in the price

  • 20+ hours of video instruction plus homework

  • 40+ Hours(Annually) Of Weekly Meetings Via Zoom. We meet every Wednesday and Sunday.

  • A private discord to ask questions in and communicate with fellow students

  • Lifetime Access To Build Alpha Software(This Will Change In A Couple Months)

  • Warning: This a yearly subscription. However, the re-up price is reduced.

Pricing Options

Why So Cheap?

Believe it or not this is a question I get asked a lot via email. I know that a lot of big name courses out there charge 5k-7k but I find that ridiculous. Unless they are selling some software component that helps you either make trades (COUGH VINNYEMINI) or helps build strategies like Build Alpha (What this course includes). 

I price my content around what someone would pay for one to two university classes. I am not implying in anyway that you should not go to school or get a degree. This course does not produce degrees, which society has dictated is needed to make more $$$. I 100% support you going to school and getting a degree, instead of taking this course.  

Secondly, considering I cannot promise success,  I do not want to drain too much of your funds from your trading account. Most people have 10k or less to trade with and thus, any education they buy comes from those funds. 

Pricing options

Why Sell A Course?

This is a common question and a good one. However, remember this is not just a course! It comes with software, some education, and some guidance from someone who uses the software. Hopefully it puts all the odds in your favor for creating a successful trading strategy.

However, you can always just buy the software out right by going to the Build Alpha website, if you do not want to pay for the education piece. 

The other reason is my time is valuable to me. Go back to the top and think about everything in hours. There is about 60+ hours of time displayed. Most people who consult in the trading space can make anywhere from $80 to $150 dollars an hours or more for their expertise. Like Brett SteenBarger, who doesn't even trade. Yet most people worship him in the trading space and pay for is psycho babble. 

Remember I also do a lot of free content on youtube and twitch, so it is not like I am out here spamming people with ads about my Lambo or my stacks of money, to sell you a dream, into a courses. However, if you want my undivided attention about very specific things, then this course is for you. If you don't then no worries.

Keep in mind this is my general outlook on trading success of anyone, anywhere, doing anything.

This course is not for

  • People who believe that they will make a million dollars tomorrow

  • People who believe in lambo lifestyle marketing

  • People who believe they can take a very small amount of money and turn it into a large amount money very quickly

  • People who think going to college is trash

  • Experienced Program/Traders. Please email before you buy my stuff. =) Dont want you to waste your money



My Why

There are two pieces to this. On the one hand I really like talking about markets and how to design systems on them. Trading markets is like a multi level chess board.. Trying to figure it out is very addictive. 

On the other hand I love helping people have aha moments in trading. A lot of people over the last seven years, that have joined my free education/discord or bought my courses, have come from those 5k-7k course sellers.(Almost changed my course to "Trifroce Triage.") They generally come to me beaten down mentally and financially. They cannot understand, why they made such a bad decision from following an ad on Youtube. I am not implying that they did not learn something from these educators, but the horror stories I hear from them can be summed up in one word. Heartbreaking. 

To watch them go from that state of mind, to consistent trader makes one feel good. Obviously, I cannot take credit for their success, but I did lead  them down a path, and I got to watch every triumph and failure. To see that makes you want to keep seeing it. 

Now I am not implying that every person that comes through my education becomes consistent or profitable. That will never happen. There are a lot of factors that go into what makes a person consistent in trading. But I do have a handful of students who do share their success stories and failures. 

Take David for example 

Or Sai who was only 18 years old at the time.

Verified Student Performance

Or these amazing students who show it all by verifying via Kinfo. Remember I cannot guarantee the validity of these claims or say that these results are typical.  All I can ever show is what people are willing to share with me. A lot of people always ask about my students and thus these were the people willing to share their performance good or bad. 

-David Gordon:






-Tim Grittani:

This is what keeps me motivated to keep doing what I am doing in terms of education. =) 

What You Will Need For This Course

  • Multicharts Or Tradestation. Preference would be Multicharts

  • Python, which is free. I would say download anaconda as I use jupyter notebooks.

  • A decent computer that has at least 16 cores and 32 gigs of ram. Laptop lifestyle won't cut it. This is not required but recommend when using Buidl Alpha. The reason is the more cores you have the faster the data mining process will be on BA.

  • An open mind.

Pricing options

Course curriculum

  • 01

    The Legal Stuff

    • Disclaimer

    • Privacy Statement

    • Terms And Services

    • Other Rights And Limitations

  • 02

    What You Will Need For This Class And Helpful Guides

    • Weekly Q&A

    • Software And Hardware

    • For Windows User Only: Problem With Terminal In Jupyter Notebook

    • Mac OSX Catalina Fix (If You Do Not Want To Change Your Bash)

    • Kill Tradestation

    • Tradestation Easy Language Handbook

    • Tradestation Calculated Indices

    • Trade Navigator Programing Language

    • Build Alpha Signal Glossary

    • Slippage And Commission For Each Futures Market

    • Favorite Python Add Ons

  • 03

    Basic Information

    • Changing The Quality Of The Video

    • Quant CookBook

    • What Is Normalization

    • Family Of Indicators

    • Different Bar Types

    • Different Bar Patterns

    • What is Seasonality ?

    • What Are Spreads ?

    • What is Volatility ?

    • What is Correlation?

    • What is a backtest ?

    • What is optimization?

    • What are validation techniques?

    • What is a portfolio?

  • 04

    Basics Of Tradestation

    • Lesson 1

    • Lesson 2

    • Lesson 3

    • Lesson 4

    • Lesson 5

    • Lesson 6

    • Lesson 7

    • Lesson 8

    • Best Practices And Trouble Shooting TS

    • What happens when I hold a position into the next trading session?

  • 05

    Tradestation Coding

    • Lesson 1

    • Lesson 2

    • Lesson 3

    • Lesson 4

    • Lesson 5

    • Lesson 6

    • Lesson 7

    • Lesson 8

    • Lesson 9

    • Lesson 10

    • Lesson 11

    • Lesson 12

    • Lesson 13

    • Lesson 14

    • Lesson 15

    • Lesson 16

    • Lesson 17

    • Lesson 18

    • Best Practices And Trouble Shooting TS

  • 06

    Basics Of Python

    • Lesson 1

    • Lesson 2

    • Lesson 3

    • Lesson 4

    • Lesson 5

    • Lesson 6

    • Lesson 7

    • Lesson 8

    • Lesson 9

    • Lesson 10

  • 07

    Python In Finance

    • Lesson 1

    • Lesson 2

    • Lesson 3

    • Lesson 4

    • Lesson 5

    • Lesson 6

    • Lesson 7

    • Lesson 8

  • 08

    Build Alpha

    • Lesson 1

    • Lesson 2

    • Lesson 3

    • Lesson 4

    • Lesson 5

    • Lesson 6

    • Lesson 7

    • Lesson 8

    • Lesson 9

    • Lesson 10

    • Lesson 11

    • Lesson 12

  • 09

    Downloading Data From Alternative Sources

    • Trade Nav Data

    • Quandal

    • Tick Data Dot Com

  • 10

    Special Guest Speakers

    • David Bergstrom

  • 11

    Code Hunter Homework

    • Bounty 1

    • Bounty 2

    • Bounty 3

    • Bounty 4

    • Bounty 5

    • Bounty 6

    • Bounty 7

    • Bounty 8

    • Bounty 9

    • Bounty 10

    • Bounty 11

  • 12

    Extra Reading Material

    • Book List

  • 13

    Survey/Rate This Class

    • Survey

    • Leave A Written Review