Here you will find information about my Algo systems that I use on Tradestation. If you want to know how to do this yourself check out Triforce Training. 

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These are the Algo  that are mentioned in Tri Pro, that I designed to trade both the E-Mini S&P500 and the Ten Year Note. It is a complete system that has been running live for almost three years now and has had excellent out of sample performance. For those of you that want to automate my strategies, I made a version for Tradestation. See how I have them setup in Tradestation and to see the result synopsis by clicking the button below. 

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Oil Ace is a collection of 3 non correlated oil strategies that are all independent of each other. If you choose to trade each strategy in full, you will need three different accounts. Why? Because when used together on three different accounts, these strategies have the potential to make decent returns/risk in single market. Unlike the Hivemind “Oil Ace” does not take advantage of hedging techniques but tries to deliver uncorrelated return streams in the oil market.


Triseasonals is a set of strategies that uniquely use historical seasonality to try and predict future price movement. In Triseasonals you will find this particular methodology across different markets. You can choose to either buy just one market or purchase them all to make a unique diversified portfolio in the futures market. You can view each strategy on their own merit If you have any questions, please let me know. **Real-time out of sample performance started in August 2018.


**Real time out of sample performance means it is still hypothetical in nature, however, when the strategies take a trade I record it in real time. Keep track of how your strategy performs in the real world, whether someone trades it or not is important. This is what I do and mean by real time out of sample performance.


People often believe they need heavy machines to do good research in trading, but the truth is that most retail traders do not need big machines to do big data mining or coding. There are a few things though, that you should consider when choosing a computer.

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